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Tenant Q & A

The following information has been compiled in the hope that most of your questions will be answered. However, feel free to contact Desert Realty pertaining to the properties listed on this web site or other properties under our management.

Will you accept a deposit to hold a property?

Desert Realty will take a property "off the market" and hold it for you for 15 days. This requires a completed application and a deposit from you in the form of cash or money order.

What form must payments be made in?

All deposits, as well as the first month's rent, must be paid in cash, cashier check or money order. Thereafter, rent may be paid with a personal check.

What is your qualifying fee?

A $20 application fee, per person signing the lease & a $100 holding deposit, paid with application, will hold property for 24 hours from date of approval. Upon approval & payment of ½ security deposit, property can be held up to 14 days.

What are your occupancy standards?

Occupancy standard is two people per bedroom plus one person. Example: a two bedroom house qualifies for five people.

Who acts as landlord?

The owner of the property is the landlord. The rental agreement is between the tenant and the landlord. Desert Realty is the agent for the owner, who has hired Desert Realty to arrange for the leasing of the property, communicating with the tenant, attending to repairs, and carrying out the landlord's wishes and policies regarding the property.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

The telephone number for Desert Realty is also the number tenants should call in case of an emergency after office hours. An employee is on call to take whatever action might be necessary to relieve any problem.

How are security deposits handled?

The tenant's security deposit, upon move out, is handled in accordance with Nevada's Landlord/Tenant laws. Desert Realty will complete a written inspection of the property after the tenant has removed his personal property. The full amount, a portion thereof, or none of the deposit will be returned to the tenant, depending upon the condition of the property. Desert Realty will, within 30 days, send the tenant a written report and a check for any refund due.

What duties does Desert Realty owe, and to whom?

Desert Realty, as an agent of the owner, has a fiduciary duty to the owner. We always represent the landlord and will only accept compensation from him. We will not act in the capacity of a dual agent. The tenant is encouraged to obtain his own agent. However, Desert Realty is committed to treat all parties fairly.

Desert Realty and its agents in a lease transaction shall:

  1. Disclose to each party to the lease transaction as soon as practical:
    1. Any material and relevant facts, data or information which the agent knows relating to the property which is the subject of the lease.
    2. The agent is a principle to the transaction or has an interest in a principal to the transaction
    3. Any changes in the agent's relationship to a party to the lease transaction
  2. Exercise reasonable skill and care with respect to all parties to the lease transaction.
  3. Not disclose confidential information relating to our client.
  4. Exercise reasonable skill and care to carry out the terms of the brokerage agreement and to carry out agent's duties pursuant to the terms of the brokerage agreement.
  5. Promote the interest of our client by:
    1. Seeking to lease the property at the price and terms stated in the brokerage agreement or at a price acceptable to our client.
    2. Disclosing to our client material facts of which the agent has knowledge concerning the transaction.
    3. Accounting for all money the agent receives in which our client may have an interest as soon as is practical.
  6. Not deal with any party in a lease transaction in a manner which is deceitful, fraudulent, or dishonest.
  7. Abide by all duties, responsibilities, and obligations required of an agent in chapters 119, 119A, 119B, 645, 645A, 645B, and 645C of the Nevada Revised Statutes, and any other applicable regulations.

Extra charges

There are NO EXTRA CHARGES TO THE TENANT for using Desert Realty's property management service.