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Owner Q & A

When will I receive rent monies?

Desert Realty will send you a check with an itemized report within three working days after the tenant pays his rent. You will also receive a copy of each invoice that we are authorized to pay.

How does Desert Realty screen a prospective tenant?

Desert Realty requires a prospective tenant to complete a rental application. One or more credit reports are then obtained from Trans Union, TRW and/or Equifax. The tenant's employment and income are verified to assure that the tenant is capable of paying the rental amount. Previous landlords are questioned to determine what kind of tenant will be living in your property. If the compiled information is incomplete, or we receive a "red flag", we will then check further. If a prospective tenant does not meet our criteria, they will be rejected.

What happens if the tenant does not pay rent?

Desert Realty starts the eviction process five days after the due date, if the tenant has not paid rent. A "Five Day Notice to Pay or Quit" is served on the tenant. If the tenant has not paid the rent plus costs or has not vacated, a "24-Hour Notice" is filed with the Constable's Office. A representative from Desert Realty is present when the Constable performs the actual lock-out procedure. An eviction in Las Vegas will take two to three weeks depending on the Judge and Constable.

How often is my property inspected?

Desert Realty conducts an exterior inspection every six months. A written report and photos are sent to the owner. Owners also receive a written report of interior inspections, which are completed every 12 months. Our contractors, when on a repair call, are trained to alert Desert Realty if the tenant is not taking proper care of the property. An inspection is also conducted when we receive a complaint from any source. If there is a problem, the tenant is notified of their responsibility. We will then do the follow-up inspection to insure that the problem is corrected.

What about maintenance calls?

Desert Realty insures that maintenance calls are handled promptly and thoroughly. The owner will be contacted for any repair that will cost more than $200. The problem will be discussed before the work begins. However, in the case of an emergency, we will do whatever is necessary to protect the property and/or human life. The owner is contacted as soon as possible. We spot-check with tenants after repair work has been completed. We want to be sure that the work was completed in a professional manner, that the workman was courteous, and that their "mess" was cleaned up afterward. if the cost of the repair is over $500, Desert Realty personnel will inspect the completed work. This insures Desert Realty that the work was handled properly, and that it meets our standards and that the work was done to our satisfaction. If not, the vendor is sent back at his own expense to complete the job correctly. The vendor is not paid until we approve his work. We also use more than one vendor for each type of work. This insures that we always have a workman for a job.

How about after-hour problems?

Desert Realty's phone number, after business hours, is an emergency phone number for tenants. The employee that is on call is experienced and capable of handling any problems that might arise.

Does Desert Realty use in-house maintenance or independent contractors?

Desert Realty has tried both methods and found that independent contractors best serve the owners interests. For the past 15 years, we have used contractors because they have proven the most cost-effective. We do not have to pay Social Security, workmen's compensation taxes, health insurance, vacation, sick days, or overtime. There is no investment in materials, tools, supplies, or equipment. Contractors are used as needed - no one is getting paid for "sitting around". All contractors are required to be licensed and insured. The bottom line for owners: the repair work is completed properly, in a timely manner, and at a LOWER cost to the property owners.

How much does Desert Realty add to each repair bill?

NOTHING! ZERO! The owner pays only the actual cost of the repair work. It is part of our service as your property manager to have repairs completed as economically as possible.

How are prospective tenants found?

Desert Realty obtains 90% of the tenants from two sources: signs posted on the property and ads placed on the internet. When a unit becomes vacant, we place a "Home for Rent" sign on the property at no cost to the owner. The unit is also listed with the rental division of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and is posted on six different sites on the internet. A three line ad describing the property is placed in the local newspaper for vacant apartments. The ad will run for four or five days each week. When the property is rented, the ad is removed. This advertising expense is charged to the owner.

What is the procedure for making a vacated property "tenant ready"?

When a property becomes vacant, it is inspected and a written report is completed. The inspector will then prepare a bid sheet that will include the necessary work to make the unit "tenant ready". Three bids are obtained. The work and bids are discussed with the owner prior to the beginning of the job. The work is inspected and must be up to our standards or the vendor is sent back at his own expense to complete the job. If it passes inspection, then, and only then, will the vendor be paid.

Are Desert Realty's fees the lowest in town?

Desert Realty's fees are comparable to the other management companies in Las Vegas. We have always been competitive with our fees, otherwise, we could not have grown from managing 12 units in 1984, to over 1,100 units today. Of course, this increase is also due to the quality of service that Desert Realty provides for the owner, property, and tenant. We do, however, make a fair profit or we would not be able to stay in business. If the owner's only criterion for a management company is that they are the lowest fees in town, then the owner should look elsewhere.