Property Management in the Las Vegas Area Since 1980!

Our Property Leasing Company
Promises These Duties to Owners

Las Vegas Rental Property

Desert Realty returns all telephone calls from owners within 24 hours. This rule has been in place for many years, and now includes e-mail inquiries.

Upon request by the owner, Desert Realty will, from owner's funds, pay any bills pertaining to the property. This includes taxes, insurance, homeowner association dues, utilities, alarms, pool and yard service, etc.

Desert Realty is always truthful with its clients, whether the news is good, bad, or in-between. Property management is like a marriage -- we are both here together, month after month, year after year. There must be truth and honesty on all sides of a business relationship.

Unfortunately, we all make mistakes. However, our practice does not include finger-pointing and placing blame. Our focus is first to quickly solve any problems regarding your interest, and second, to do everything in our power to keep this from happening again.

We understand the thoughts and concerns that owners have when they are many miles away from their property. Therefore, we keep you informed on the status of your property. You are notified when the tenant is moving out and when it is rented. You are called when a problem should be discussed.

You are sent a year-end report with the tax form 1099 Misc. The report will show total income and expenses for the year. The expenses are shown under sub-headings such as cleaning, repairs, painting, plumbing etc.

Desert Realty has a thorough and professional staff which understands the business of property leasing. They can handle any situation that may arise in expeditious and appropriate manner and will  solve many problems before they occur.

At Desert Realty, Property Leasing is Our Primary Business.